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What do we do for our users?

What do we do for our users?

Artificial intelligence technologies make it possible to process huge amounts of information quickly and at a minimal cost. Tickeron’s main goal is to make these AI-driven, high-quality analytics available to the maximum number of users. 

Tickeron is bringing high-powered Artificial Intelligence technology to the retail and hedge fund investment community that, in our view, rivals the technology and approach used at major Wall Street firms. 

Over time, it has become clear that our active users can be divided into three main groups:

1. ‘Do-It-Yourselfers’ (DIY investors):

Every person who is interested in trading or investing has their own idea of how to best make money in the market. That’s why we do not offer a single strategy, but rather a set of tools and algorithms capable of implementing any idea. Swing trader, day trader, active or passive investor - everyone can find the most convenient tools for their preferred strategy on our website.

2. Collaborators

One of the important components of Tickeron's mission is to enable traders and investors to demonstrate their asset management skills and make money from their unique abilities. We have specially created the widest possible range of features for the exchange of ideas and signals so that everyone can choose the option that best suits them. 

3. Delegators

If you think you’re not experienced enough to manage money on your own, but you want your money to work actively, you can delegate this to the Tickeron team. Our quants work every day on trading and investment algorithms using their many years of experience and knowledge of machine learning.

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