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Unlock the Power of Daily Trade Signals: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unlock the Power of Daily Trade Signals: A Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to trading, making informed decisions can make all the difference. With Tickeron's Trader's Dashboard, you can easily access a daily trade signal feed that showcases the best opportunities for success. Each tile represents a single signal based on advanced indicators, price and volume actions, insider trading information, big market cap moves, patterns, trends, and more. With an impressive 90% Odds of Success, our signals are calculated overnight for all asset classes and setups so that you can make confident trading decisions.

But trading is more than just one signal, and that's why Tickeron offers a customized news feed that allows traders to explore all stocks in greater detail with just one click. Plus, our daily buy/sell recommendations provide you with access to a wider range of information. You can upgrade to an intermediate membership, purchase any other product to receive a free intermediate subscription, or buy an annual subscription for only $60/year and stay with a beginner membership.

At Tickeron, we believe that the smart approach is to deploy Artificial Intelligence to backtest across as many different indicators as possible. Our proprietary formula, the "Odds of Trading Success," is backed by AI and analyzes a broader range of past outcomes, offering greater insight into the likelihood of an outcome happening again. With our AI-powered backtesting algorithm, you can make more informed decisions and increase your chances of success.

Take the hypothetical example below, for instance. By looking at four cases in which a stock behaved similarly, our AI determined the odds of success to be 75%. With this knowledge, you can confidently predict a likely uptrend in the future. And if you have any questions along the way, our customer webcasts, and videos, or sign up for 1-on-1 lessons. are always available to help you succeed.

Once you access the trader dashboard page, you will be able to view daily trading signals feeds.

On the right side of our website, you'll find a wealth of information to help you make informed investment decisions. Here's what you can expect:

Earning Calendar: Stay up to date with the latest earnings reports from top companies with our Earning Calendar. It provides a comprehensive overview of the earnings announcements for the current day, allowing you to make informed investment decisions based on the latest market news.

Sector Overview: Get a bird's-eye view of the market with our Sector Overview. It provides a snapshot of the performance of different sectors, including healthcare, technology, and finance, so you can stay on top of market trends and identify potential investment opportunities.

International Overview: Expand your investment horizons with our International Overview. It offers a comprehensive view of international markets, including major indices and currencies, giving you a global perspective on your investments.

Currencies: Keep track of currency exchange rates with our real-time currency tracker. It allows you to monitor fluctuations in major currency pairs, including USD/EUR, USD/JPY, and more, so you can make informed decisions when trading currencies.

Cryptocurrencies: Stay ahead of the curve with our Cryptocurrency tracker. It provides real-time data on the latest cryptocurrency prices, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular digital currencies. 

You can view data by different time frames such as day, week, month, quarter, year, or more.

In addition to the essential investment information on the right side of our website, we also offer a variety of informative articles and blog posts.

At the top of this page, you can filter out by Asset class. 

Also, on the Trader Dashboard page, you can choose the hashtags to sort what you are looking for.

The Technical Analysis Hashtag will show you the most recent and relevant technical analysis for your asset classes and topics of choice.


Stocks, much like fingerprints, possess unique characteristics in their responses to various indicators. As such, it's crucial to utilize the most successful indicators tailored to each stock.

Backtesting should also take into account the stock sector. For example, the Energy sector is heavily impacted by the global economy, geopolitics, and oil supply and demand. Some technical indicators may more accurately predict trends in the Energy sector compared to the Consumer Staples sector, and vice versa. A bullish crossover in the Stochastic indicators might effectively forecast moves in the Energy sector, but it may not be as successful in predicting significant moves for Consumer Staples stocks. Ultimately, these subtleties matter.

By conducting backtests on individual indicators for specific stocks, it's possible to create a portfolio that integrates diverse strategies. Ideally, you should employ the most successful signals from various indicators for each stock in your portfolio. Tickeron is equipped with the technology to make this a reality. We offer a technical analysis overview for nearly all listed stocks while also summarizing multiple indicators.

For instance, here's an example of what Apple's technical analysis overview looked like on a random day in April 2020:

As illustrated, five distinct technical indicators are present on this day, with three suggesting a bullish move and two indicating a bearish move (click on the indicators to learn about their function and how they operate). Tickeron also monitors several other indicators that are not currently generating signals; otherwise, they would be included as well (two noteworthy indicators not mentioned are Moving Average crossovers and the Relative Strength Index).

Backtesting reveals previous results for four of the five indicators, while the Stochastic indicator does not display a result. Instead, it highlights that the stock has been in overbought territory for seven consecutive days. Among the bullish signals, the MACD turning positive exhibits the highest success rate at 68%. The Aroon Indicator closely follows with a 66% success rate, and significantly more previous results to examine—143 instances compared to 38 for the MACD.

On the bearish front, the only indicators with backtested results are the Bollinger Bands. The stock moved above the upper Bollinger Band in 56 prior instances. Only 16 of those 56 cases resulted in success, which means the stock was lower one month later. This relatively low success rate would likely lead traders to disregard the signal.

Tickeron provides all these indicators and pre-calculates them with backtests, making it easier for investors to develop trading strategies. Since the results are presented for each stock, investors can conveniently create different strategies for various stocks.

Odds of success are available in all Tickeron products. Our backtesting offers essential information for all past instances of similar situations. For example, if a Pennant bullish pattern tracked by our A.I. for the biotech company Novavax (NVAX) has been successful in 72% of previous instances of this pattern and ticker combination, then the odds of success for this combination will be 72%.

Our Trend Prediction Engine product demonstrates how the odds of success are employed. If a trend (bullish/bearish/sideways) for a ticker is identified by our A.I., it will backtest all previous instances of this ticker and trend combination and display the number of successful instances as a percentage of the total times this trend has been predicted for this ticker. The past success rate can be viewed for a combination of 1) one ticker and one pattern, 2) one ticker and all patterns, and 3) all tickers and one pattern.

This is just a small portion of how the odds of success are utilized on the Tickeron website. As you explore different products, indicators, ratings, and statistics, you will appreciate the significance of understanding the odds of success to fully benefit from our proprietary tools.


Simulated results (annualized returns, % wins/loss, and other statistics) are achieved by the retroactive application of a backtested model itself designed with the benefit of hindsight. The backtesting of performance differs from the actual account performance because the investment strategy may be adjusted at any time, for any reason and can continue to be changed until desired or better performance results are achieved. Alternative modeling techniques or assumptions might produce significantly different results and prove to be more appropriate. Past hypothetical backtest results are neither an indicator nor a guarantee of future returns. Actual results will vary from the analysis. Past performance should not be taken as an indication or guarantee of future performance, and no representation or warranty, expressed or implied is made regarding future performance. Disclaimers and Limitations -

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