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What is IRS Publication 334, Tax Guide for Small Business?

IRS Link to Publication — Found Here

The Tax Guide for Small Businesses is a 50-page booklet designed to help small businesses navigate the forms and publications needed to file their taxes.

There are many nuances to filing small business taxes, and many kinds of small businesses, so this form comes into use quite often. The Tax Guide for Small Businesses includes instructions and a list of documents and forms which will help small businesses file their taxes.

This includes tables with deadlines and form numbers that can serve as a quick reference throughout the year. Also detailed are the options small businesses have for accounting methods (cash vs accrual) and accounting periods (fiscal year, calendar year, etc). There are instructions for taking useful deductions and getting helpful credits, as well as accounting principals for all sorts of other expenses and earnings.

There are a wide range of options for setting up a small business, choosing a filing status, and claiming expenses, and this guide can help the do-it-yourself type of small business owner successfully file their taxes themselves, although we would recommend employing the services of a tax professional as well.

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