How Do I Become a Millionaire?

Even people who only make an average salary (teachers, janitors) can easily become millionaires.

Doing so boils down to following a very basic formula: work, save, and invest.

Let's look for instance at three different scenarios where a person invests $100/month, $500/month, and $1,000/month (very realistic goals), and let's also assume a reasonable growth rate of 6% per year. For $100/month, it will take you roughly 66 years. For $500/month, it will take you about 40 years, and for $1,000/month, it will take you approximately 30 years.

Of course, if you are a successful investor, and the rate of return is (let’s say) 10% per year, these periods of time will be reduced drastically (for example, investing $100/month with a 10% annual return will make you a millionaire in “only” 45 years).

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