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How many financial advisors do I need?

How many financial advisors do I need?

It’s good to have the opinion of advisors who are knowledgeable in various areas of your planning and portfolio, but for most portfolios this can be reasonably accomplished with one advisor.

It’s a good idea to have one Financial Advisor who oversees all of your assets, and if the individual parts of your portfolio are of significant size, you might consider having a specialist in those fields to oversee them.

Some CPAs and attorneys can be considered financial advisors, for instance, for their special advice with regards to taxes and estate planning; this may constitute a large consideration in your financial plans, and it may affect the kind of assets you hold and financial vehicles you use, but the specialist with regards to your portfolio management will still be your Investment Advisor.

Or, you may hold an increasing amount of commodities in your portfolio to the point that your advisor refers you to a friend of his that can help manage that portion of your assets since it is his or her area of expertise.

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