How often do I need to rebalance my portfolio?

How often do I need to rebalance my portfolio?

There are different methods and theories about rebalancing, and the answer is basically “it depends.”

There is no set rule for the frequency of rebalancing your portfolio, and any generic rules that exist do not necessarily apply to or predict the performance of your particular portfolio. If you’re not very familiar with it, rebalancing is the redistribution of gains from the winning areas of your portfolio to the other areas.

This not only preserves your asset allocation structure, but it is also a contrarian investment strategy which allows you to “buy low and sell high” without thinking too much about it. You might choose to automatically rebalance quarterly, for example, or based on triggering events, such as a portion of your portfolio growing to a certain amount.

Tickeron provides you with monthly rebalancing of your portfolios.

According to recent research in financial publications, the mantra of “stocks for the long run” does not work any longer. Therefore, we recommend at least quarterly rebalancing of your entire investment portfolio.

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