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Should I Buy the Same Companies Warren Buffett is Buying?

Absolutely yes. It would be a lot better if we knew about it at the time he was buying them, though.

The only problem is, we only know which companies Warren Buffett bought after the fact, and this news has already been incorporated into the price by the time it becomes known to you (and everybody else).

If you want to buy shares of companies that Warren Buffett is buying, purchase shares of Berkshire Hathaway – his investment vehicle. It can also still work to purchase shares of the same companies he does.

Despite the delay and the price difference between the time he invested in them and the time you did, these companies were chosen for their long term growth potential and solid fundamentals.

Maybe he picked it up at a “value” price that you missed out on, but it’s still going to be a solid addition to your portfolio, more likely than not.

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