Should I Trust an Article Such as “Five Best Ways To Invest For Income?”

Yes and no. Avoid putting too much faith in “best” lists, but realize that at least three of these are probably going to irrefutable and fundamentally sound bits of advice, and probably delivered in a timely manner.

Generally speaking, there is no such thing as the “best ways” to invest. However, such articles can help you to land on some timely strategies that you may not have acted on without prompting.

For instance, the direction of interest rates may not have been something you were keeping up with, but they article may help you fine-tune your fixed-income portfolio. A good “best of” list will use interviews or commentary from most successful people in the industry.

Recommendations such as “buy treasuries” or “buy junk bonds” that have come from somebody like Bill Gross, a head portfolio manager at PIMCO, the largest fixed-income fund in the world, certainly deserve your consideration.

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