Should I sell my house without a real estate broker?

While it is possible to sell your house without a broker, it may prove to be more trouble than it’s worth.

If a person can sell their own house or property without a real estate broker, he or she can avoid paying broker’s fees out of the proceeds.

A person should realize, however that brokers are well-acquainted with the real estate marketplace, and may possibly already have some potential buyers in their pipeline.They are also ready to spend the time and money to market and show your property.

They also know how to make a house more “sell-able” through small improvements and pricing. Considering they do this full-time, it is quite likely that they will be able to sell the house before you will, unless you are fully prepared to spend more time and money on it than they would.

In the end, the broker’s concession fee is not likely to be worth the additional trouble that you put yourself through. If you know that properties in your neighborhood are selling like hotcakes and you’d rather give it a try yourself, by all means, have a go at it.

But be sure to consult with a good real estate attorney have have your bases covered. If the sale doesn’t happen after a few months, you should probably go ahead and get a broker’s help.

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