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What is a Home Lien?

What is a Home Lien?

A lien is a legal filing through which a third party lays claim to certain assets, such as a person’s home, until an amount owed to them is paid.

There are mechanic’s liens, judgment liens, and tax liens, any of which could be applied to a person’s home. A lien is a document serving as notice that a significant amount of money is owed to a third party and that certain assets of the debtor may be used to cover the obligation, becoming the property of the lien-holder if the debt is not paid in time.

There are three main types of liens, any of which can be placed on a home. A mechanic’s lien is a way for contractors to make sure they are paid for the work they have done on a home. A judgment lien may be applied by a judge if a settlement cannot be paid up front, or by a lawyer if their fees might go unpaid.

A tax lien can be placed on property by federal or state agents if a person is delinquent on their taxes.

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