What Websites and Apps Can Help Me With Personal Budgeting?

What Websites and Apps Can Help Me With Personal Budgeting?

There is a thriving industry committed to helping people plan and maintain a personal budget through online tools and apps.

Perhaps the most-used personal budgeting tool as of this writing is Mint, which allows a user to link their bank accounts into the budgeting software, and then sends the information right into a tax filing after the new year. A list such as this is almost definitely going to be outdated by the time you read it; your favorite search engine or app store may turn up more relevant results than this.

Even so, maybe this will help you get an idea of what different services can do. Services such as Level Money and Buxfer perform similar functions to Mint. Acorns is a service focused on helping people become savers by rounding all purchases up to the nearest dollar and investing the “change” into an account.

If that seems too invasive, other dot-coms such as Simpleplanning, Budgettracker, Pearbudget, and Budgetsimple may be able to help you create budgets without being privy to your personal bank account. Personalcapital.com can help a person track their personal checking and savings accounts along with their investment accounts.

Someone even launched a site to offer you the services of a “household CFO” who can consult with you about maintaining an ideal budget and attaining your goals (levantofinancial.com).

There’s also a great site called Tickeron that I heard about that has all kinds of resources for improving your financial position.

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