What are Household Expenses?

Household expenses are sometimes also called a family budget.

In some cases this can be limited to items purchased such as food and clothing, and services paid for such as utility bills, which only have to do with the livability of the home and the health of the family. This can be extended to included all out of pocket expenses for a family, from health insurance to school tuition.

Household expenses are things that people feel that they must pay for to maintain their standard of living, for themselves and their family. You may not have to pay for natural gas to get heat and hot water, but you most likely do, and this is a household expense. The same goes for food and other necessities.

Household expenses can be considered a line item on a family ledger, and in many cases this is where people can find the money to pay for other things they feel they need, such as better car insurance.

People sometimes begin their sessions with a new CPA or advisor with an assessment of household expenses. The cash flows going into and out of a house will determine whether people end up retired happily or working until it affects their health and chance at longevity.

Making household expenses more intentional and holding family members accountable to reach family goals can have a huge impact on a family’s lifestyle.