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How Do You Buy Litecoin?

How Do You Buy Litecoin?

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, litecoin can be purchased through major cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet apps. Many reputable exchanges exist for buying and trading cryptocurrencies, and several of these will allow you to purchase litecoin with credit cards, wire transfers, and bank deposits.  There may be issues with buying enough litecoins to suit your fancy if you aren’t willing to verify your identity, or if the exchange simply won’t allow you to exchange for a large balance of litecoin in single transactions. One option that may open more doors is to purchase bitcoin first, and then exchange those for litecoin. Many people search for good ways to buy litecoin or Bitcoin with Paypal, but it is probably more trouble than it’s worth. Paypal has a somewhat over-active reversible charge system, which favors some buyers or sellers over others by default and can be used by bad actors to reverse the payment owed to someone transacting business in cryptocurrencies. Continue reading...