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How Do You Accept Bitcoin Payments for Your Store?

Several services make it easy to accept bitcoin payments, or a programmer can help you set up your own node. The most convenient way to accept bitcoin payments as a merchant is to use the services made available by exchanges like Coinbase and Bitpay, who make it simple enough to add a button to your website and to accept payments in person via NFC and QR codes. These exchanges have established what is called Full Nodes on the blockchain, which are slightly more efficient than using regular client software on the blockchain, and have optimized them for merchant services. Continue reading...

What Can You Buy with Bitcoin?

With every day that passes, bitcoin is becoming a more usable and accepted form of payment for a variety of goods and services, even those in the mainstream economy. To be sure, it’s arguably a long way off from being able to use bitcoin for small purchases at your local coffee shop or for big purchases like buying a house, but it is not unfathomable. The financial company Visa (ticker: V) has been working with bitcoin wallet services and various cryptocurrency exchanges to make cryptocurrency debit cards easy to acquire and use. These cards are known by names such as the Shift Card, Bitwala, BitPay, and others, partially depending on the region of the world in which they can be used. These cards allow users to transfer funds from Bitcoin wallets and immediately convert them into spendable fiat currency wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. Customers can also withdraw national currencies from Visa debit ATM machines based on bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange rates, which often fluctuate wildly. Continue reading...

Can My Employer Pay Me In Bitcoin?

The IRS has already paved the way for employers to pay wages using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and more services to facilitate this activity are being established. If your employer is willing to facilitate it, you can indeed receive your paycheck, or part of it, in bitcoins. Several financial services companies that deal in bitcoins exist that can help you accomplish this, and there will likely be more of them in the future. One such company, Bitwage, acts as an intermediary between your payroll service and Bitcoin exchanges, such as Coinbase, before sending the balance to your Bitcoin Wallet. The IRS has already established guidance on the subject. As an employer, you are free to pay employees in bitcoin and other “convertible virtual currencies” as long as you adhere to the same withholding and reporting requirements that would pertain to employee remunerations in US dollars, including FICA taxes and the rest of it. Continue reading...

How Do You Sell Bitcoin?

There are several (and a growing number) of ways to sell your bitcoin and/or convert it to cash. While many people treat bitcoin as an investment tool rather than a currency, it arguably remains more liquid than some investments with similar volatility. Exiting your position in bitcoin when you desire, at least for now, can be a convenient and fairly easy process. Many exchanges exist online that can help you convert bitcoin into any currency you would like.  These function much like other currency exchanges in the world, but you should be careful to use one you believe is trustworthy.  Researching the topic on social platforms that demonstrate trust through upvoting, such as Reddit, may help you learn more about what other people believe to be good ideas. The landscape is frequently changing, so finding up-to-date information is key. Continue reading...

How Do You Store Your Bitcoin?

In your “bitcoin wallet,” of course... Once you have acquired bitcoin, you will want to make sure that you store it in a secure fashion that suits your taste and needs. You have several options for this, since technically all you’re storing is a few lines of code, and this can be done on a computer, in a cloud, on a removable storage device, or on some sort of physical medium such as paper or even a physical manufactured bitcoin. Continue reading...

What Is Nash Equilibrium?

Nash equilibrium, a critical concept in game theory, signifies the optimal outcome when no player has an incentive to change their strategy, knowing their opponents’ strategies. It's where an individual's action, given the actions of others, leads to the best possible result for all involved. However, it doesn't guarantee the best individual payoff in every situation. Continue reading...

How to Mine Litecoin and other Altcoins?

It used to be that litecoin mining could only be done by GPU, but now ASIC machines are getting all the glory. For a time, new miners preferred to mine litecoin instead of bitcoin because ASIC miners had rendered old-fashioned GPU mining for Bitcoin unprofitable. During that time, when ASIC machines had not be designed for Litecoin Scrypt mining, anyone with a good enough GPU could profitably mine litecoin with the same computer they used at home, while they were off at work or asleep not using it. If you aren’t aware, GPUs (graphics cards) compute the kinds of functions necessary for mining at many times the speed that CPUs (core processors) alone would. Continue reading...

Analyzing Bitcoin's Position: Insights from Top 5 Cryptocurrency Funds

Discover how Bitcoin is transitioning towards mass adoption as we delve into its current position in the market. Learn from the strategies of the top five cryptocurrency funds and understand how they're driving this change. This article provides a comprehensive analysis of Bitcoin's potential as a new asset class. Continue reading...

Top Stock Picks in the Cancer Sector

In the realm of healthcare and biotechnology, the cancer research sector remains one of the most dynamic and innovative. As we delve into this fascinating and vital field, we'll explore some of the most notable companies making significant strides in cancer treatment and research. This analysis aims to shed light on these companies, their market potential, and why they stand out as top investment opportunities. Continue reading...